About us

What is Nordetia?

Nordetia Group is an international company, of Nordic-Swiss origin, bringing innovation to quality aesthetic medicine and surgery, while helping more and more people feel good about themselves, over time, with healthy and natural results.

Innovation at Nordetia starts with personalized protocols

Nordetia protocols are plans for assisting clients, in order to help them reach their goals.

This method takes into consideration the limitations set by the client’s health, the time needed by each individual to achieve their goals (reducing stress) and their emotional well-being, all while listening carefully.

With these protocols, Nordetia makes personalization of treatments a reality.

What makes us different?

Nordetia presents new spaces, new technologies, new high-end products, new audiences, a new professional learning and a new vision: internationality.

Nordetia introduces new areas of client support

Clinics. Aesthetic medicine and surgery, hair loss and vascular medical treatments. Complete and exclusive centres, with all the breakthrough treatments.

Walk-in. Comprehensive aesthetic medicine. Centres that are flexible, discreet and adaptable to the client. No need for an appointment and generous opening hours. 

Hospitality. The real luxury is time. All the aesthetic medicine and surgery services. accommodation, relaxation and catering.

New Technologies

The latest technology is essential to facilitate the results we want to obtain. For example: Bodygee® body scanner, which enables tracking with your mobile device. Or Cryosense®, the controlled extreme cold cabin, which achieves spectacular results. Used by elite athletes.

New high-end products

Nordetia Group is an international company of Nordic-Swiss origin, so our access to top manufacturers guarantees the high quality of our products and materials. 

New clients: quality aesthetic medicine and surgery for everyone

At Nordetia we are concerned about the accessibility of our treatments, so we offer the best value for money to all clients. We believe taking care of oneself should be affordable for everyone. Today interest in self-image is universal, and no longer an issue concerning only women. At Nordetia we adapt to meet the demands of everyone who seeks specific care.

New professional training

Nordetia has permanent training centres for its medical and healthcare staff. Aesthetic medicine and surgery change constantly. Keeping up to date is also part of our culture.

A new perspective: internationality

The world of aesthetic medicine and surgery in Spain becomes international with the opening of the Nordetia network.

New treatments, technologies, products and services are now available in our 4 centres in Madrid, and soon they will also be available in other cities.

Our purpose and brand values

Nordetia is a network of Nordic-Swiss origin. Nature is part of our culture. Healthcare and well-being are natural elements that enhance our image. Through aesthetic medicine and surgery, we seek effective results for our clients, but not at any price. The best results are those that come naturally.

We use innovation to achieve natural results. 

We help people feel good about themselves throughout their lives.

Our brand values establish what is important for us, how we work and how we create our culture, so our clients may attain maximum physical and mental well-being.


We love to try new things; we’re fans of new methods and technologies. We value our staff’s ongoing training. We always stay up to date.


We strive to fulfil people’s deepest wishes, and the only way of serving them satisfactorily is by knowing how to listen and put ourselves in our clients’ place.


We want to become partners with our clients. And this begins with being honest in our relationship.


Monitoring our clients requires proposing protocols and treatments which make it easier for them to achieve their goals. We are experts in helping, and we will always lead the way.