Aesthetic gynaecology treatment protocol

Multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of acquired conditions in the female genitalia.

Results and duration

Results: in all the cases and with the application of all the techniques, the result is immediate and improves with the following sessions.

Duration: this is variable according to the initial condition, but it is usually one of the longest lasting treatments in aesthetic medicine, always several months.

What is it?

This consists of using all the available tools in the medical-aesthetic treatments for the benefit of the female intimate area, encompassing all these aspects: skin whitening, scar treatment, enhancement of the suprapubic area, hypertrophy of the labia minora, hypertrophy of the labia majora, vaginal dryness and laxity of the vaginal walls.

How is performed?

Skin whitening

Using several peels with a special technique.
The most frequent side effects usually include some irritation, flaking, chemical burn, inflammatory hyperpigmentation, pain and stinging.
The quality of the skin must be assessed, without hair or scars.

Scar treatment

Hypertrophic: the plasma laser is used in several sessions, depigmentation peels and the proper, necessary care is provided.
Hypotrophic: the blanching technique and hyaluronic acid filler are used.

Enhancement of the suprapubic area

A morphology assessment is required.
Assessment of bone relief.
Assessment of the amount of subcutaneous fat.
Assessment of alopecia in the area.
Assessment of skin quality: tension threads, tightening with calcium hydroxyapatite.
Assessment of inguinal folds.

Hypertrophy of the labia minora

Plasma technology is used.
This is performed with anaesthesia.
The result is immediate, but assessed a month after performance of the treatment.
Sexual intercourse must be avoided until after two weeks.
Hot water baths must be avoided.
The use of creams or gels must be avoided.
Maintain the area ventilated as long as possible.

Hypotrophy of the labia majora

This is carried out with infiltration of hyaluronic acid.
Only one commercial brand is used, Isdin.
This is performed with a cannula.
No bruising appears.
It is not painful, as lidocaine is used.
The result is immediate.
Sexual intercourse must be avoided, until a week afterwards, as slight inflammation may appear during this period of time.
Maintenance of this treatment must be carried out for over a year.

Vaginal dryness and mild incontinence

This is carried out with an energy-based device.


All the techniques used have the particularity of being effective with only one session or after the first session for longer protocols.There is a high level of loyalty among the women who undergo these treatments, and a strong feeling of professional gratification for the specialists performing them.


  • They help women with certain congenital or acquired conditions of the female genital area, to solve a problem which cannot be resolved by the gynaecologist.
  • The advance of these treatments goes hand in hand with the development of the industry with methods and devices suited to the physiological particularities of this area, which makes them highly effective and safe during the procedures and in the result.

Areas of application

  • Pubic area.
  • Perineum.
  • External genitalia.
  • Internal vaginal mucosa.

Recommendations and care

  • Those indicated for each technique, which are always correctly explained and given in writing to the client at the start of each protocol.
  • The goal is to have fluid communication, so that the person who has decided to undergo the treatment has no doubt about what to expect.


Are they painful?

No, as topical or infiltrated anaesthesia is applied as needed, so that there is no feeling of pain while the procedure is performed.

Are they safe?

Yes. These are treatment strategies that are already performed on other parts of the body as well, where they have been properly tested for many years, and they have been adapted to gynaecology.

Are they expensive?

Their cost is not higher than the rest of the treatment despite their being used in the intimate area.Estimates are always tailored to the specific needs of each client.These may vary depending on the personalisation of each protocol.

What is the profile of a person consulting in regard to this type of treatments?

Usually the clients are young, with hyperlaxity of the labia majora, which limits them in their sports activities or even in the type of clothes they can wear.There are also middle-aged women who have had children and have observed a change in the genital area and perineum.These types of consultations are also requested by perimenopausal women who need to alleviate local discomfort, which cannot be resolved with conventional treatments.

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