Anti-aging treatment protocol

Set of strategies designed to allow us to age healthily, in regard to aesthetics as well as function; that is, including skin, joint, muscular, neuronal and emotional factors.

Results and duration

The results of this type of treatments are assessed when there is evidence of reduced physical fatigue with usual activities, when there is an improvement in physical abilities and intellectual performance, when we reach a normal, stable mood without fluctuations, and of course, when we achieve improvement in body shape and in the facial signs of ageing.

What is it?

These are combined treatments for immediate skin rejuvenation.They produce cellular renovation, restoring vitality and elasticity to the skin.Also, they are intensive shock treatments, developed with the objective of achieving the greatest stimulation possible of the body’s defence mechanisms, which are triggered to effectively fight against factors that accelerate the physiological process of skin ageing.

How is it performed?

After a specialised assessment with a complete medical history, a body scan and a facial ultrasound are performed.With this information, a personalised treatment plan is designed, which includes treatments with aesthetic equipment, energy-based devices, and recommendations in regard to nutrition, physical activity and mental relaxation.Likewise, this is complemented with supplements and, in some cases, with facial medical treatments to provide a rejuvenated external appearance after the first session.


These are comprehensive treatment protocols.

They are personalised.

Their effect is immediate.

Their maintenance is long-term.


  • Visibly younger skin.
  • More radiant.
  • The wrinkles smooth out.
  • The skin acquires a softer, tighter and more uniform appearance.
  • They accompany the aesthetic improvement with a genuine internal rejuvenation, to maintain the agility necessary to carry out the daily activities we did when we were younger.

Areas of application

This can be applied in the face or body area needed to achieve the goals of the personalised treatment protocol that has been designed for the client.

Recommendations and care

These are rather variable, and of course, are measured in the follow-up consultation carried out by the specialist.


Is it expensive?

No, because it is tailored to the client’s needs.As it is planned for the long term, the strategies included are in balance with the resources.

Do I have to be in the centre the whole time?

Not necessarily.How often the treatments are performed is adapted to the client’s availability.

When can I see results?

This type of protocol has the advantage of providing immediate results, as well as in the medium- and long-term, after the first session, and they improve with each subsequent session.

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