3D liposculpture: what is it? Benefits and care

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There are times when a balanced diet and regular physical exercise are just not enough to get rid of localized fat. In these cases, at Nordetia we recommend a surgical technique to our patients, which delivers really excellent results: 3D Liposculpture.

Below, we will explain what 3D liposculpture is along with everything you need to know about this treatment.

What is liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a plastic surgery treatment which removes localized fat deposits found between the skin and muscles, aiming to remodel the body with permanent results. It is done in localized areas and under anaesthetic.

What does 3D liposculpture involve?

3D liposculpture is a surgical procedure to comprehensively remodel the body and achieve a more defined profile. It aims to achieve the best possible three dimensional modelling, which is why it is called 3D liposculpture. It is essential that these procedures are carried out by highly qualified surgeons in order to achieve good skin retractions, as following surgery, the skin is usually more flaccid, and the overall aim is for the skin to adapt and perfectly adhere to the body. It is common and important that the treatment is combined with surgical fat transfers in some parts of the body to achieve the best possible changes to the profile. There are people who also want a more defined abdomen, with a more youthful or athletic appearance.

This is done under local anaesthetic and sedation, and small incisions are made in areas that are barely visible. Thin cannulas are inserted in between the fat deposits underneath the skin to break up the fat and to then suck it out.

After this initial treatment, a brace, sock, or elastic bandage is placed over the operated area to reduce the swelling and to prevent the build-up of fluid. The patient has to wear a compression brace for around two to three weeks, as per the instructions of the surgeon.

What is the best postoperative care?

For the 3D liposculpture to deliver the best possible results, follow these recommendations:

  • The compression brace should remain applied to the treated area for as long as instructed (which is between two to four weeks).
  • Do not do any intense exercise for between two and four weeks.
  • Avoid any sun exposure during the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Take the painkillers prescribed by the specialist in order to prevent any possible irritation.
  • Lymphatic drainage of the treated area throughout the month following the surgery.


Many patients opt for 3D liposculpture due to the benefits that the treatment offers.

  • By keeping a healthy diet and doing regular physical exercise, the results of the 3D liposculpture can be permanent.
  • The scarring after the surgery is minimal and over time it is completely unnoticeable.
  • Time off work to recover is usually minimal, around three to five days.

What is the difference between 3D liposculpture and traditional liposculpture?

Although 3D liposculpture is a variant of classic liposculpture, the results of the former are even more precise. This technique is especially used for muscle definition, with unique results such as a defined abdomen.

Is there any risk?

As long as the treatment is performed at a licensed clinic that meets all of the safety measures and is carried out by an expert surgeon, 3D liposculpture is a safe procedure that should not put the patient in any risk. It is also important to follow the recommendations stated above, but, in this case, in order to achieve the desired results.

Can the removed fat be used to add volume to other parts of the body?

In some cases the removed fat can be used in other parts of the body. This procedure is known as a lipotransfer, and it must be carried out with extreme care and always in the appropriate areas of the body (as not all parts of the body are suitable).

It involves removing the fat, filtering it, and breaking it down to then put it back into the body in the best possible condition, and in the areas that the surgeon deems appropriate.

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