Breast augmentation in summer: 5 reasons to do it

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A common question that our customers often ask when visiting our clinics is if it is a good idea to undergo breast augmentation surgery in the summer. And we know that plenty of other people also want to find out information about this before asking our surgeons.

That’s why at Nordetia we are going to explain the benefits of undergoing breast surgery in the summer.

Is there an ideal time to undergo breast surgery?

While no time of the year is a particularly bad time to undergo breast surgery, there is definitely an ideal time. That time is during the summer, despite what most people may think.

We’re not just saying this, it is because, as previously explained, we often have many people arriving at our clinics asking if it is a good idea to undergo breast surgery in the summer or not. We tell them very clearly that yes, it is an excellent time to do it. This is due to the reasons explained below. 

Reasons to undergo surgery in the summer

As we have just said, the summer is a great time to undergo breast surgery. This is because it is a time of year when you’ll benefit from a series of significant advantages.

  1. You’ll have more time to relax
    The summer is a great time to have a breast augmentation operation because you can use your holiday to rest and recover. Bear in mind that during the first week you may note some irritation which will feel similar to muscle pains. That is why it is ideal to have enough time to rest before getting back into the swing of your everyday routine.
  2. Summer clothes are ideal for post-op recovery
    During the summer we usually wear looser fitting clothes that help the skin to breathe more. In turn, during winter you will have to be careful that all the layers you have on do not irritate your scars. This is an important reason as to why recovering over summer is much more comfortable than during the colder months, although as we previously stated, there is never a bad time to go under the knife.
  3. The recovery time is the same at any point in the year
    Recovery over the summer is just the same as at any other time of the year, as the heat does not have an effect on the results of this surgery.  Just as in any other season, a week of recovery is needed, and it will take around a month for the breast to start to go down and locate itself in its final position.
  4. Heat will have no effect on the final results
    Just as there is no effect with the recovery, the heat will also have no effect whatsoever on the surgery.  All you need to do is follow the advice and care instructed by your surgeon. If you follow their professional advice, you’ll have no problems when undergoing breast augmentation surgery in the summer.
  5. You can go to the beach and the pool
    Just as stated above, there are no restrictions when it comes to going to the pool or beach. You will just have to take some simple precautionary measures, primarily related to the use of sun protection. The sand and warmth will not affect the result of your operation. You just need to be sensible.

And the scarring?

Once again, the key to success is to follow the surgeon’s advice. By following the specialist guidelines there will not be any issues with the scarring. You just have to clean and care for them according to the professional’s advice, and the scarring process will be just as quick as at any other time of the year.

Now you know all of the benefits of undergoing breast augmentation surgery in the summer. If your personal circumstances allow for you to have this surgery over the summer, it may be the perfect time.

Do you need advice? Remember that at Nordetia, our plastic surgery specialists will listen to help you find the solution you want or need.

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