The importance of aesthetic medicine for cancer patients

Comprehensive aesthetic medicina

Fortunately, cancer treatments are becoming increasingly effective, which has led to an increase in the survival rate among patients. However, in most cases there are some side effects. These commonly involve the skin or hair. At Nordetia Group – we are experts in this aesthetic medicine, and we focus on the wellbeing of each and every person that we treat, which is why we also have specialists in oncology aesthetics. If you want to find out more about this service, we recommend that you keep on reading. Dr. Marjorie Garcerant Tafur, Global Head of Medical Excellence and Quality Assurance at Nordetia Group, is an expert in medical aesthetics among cancer patients, and she’s here to give us some more information.

When is it contraindicated that a patient undergoes aesthetic oncology medical treatment?

“At Nordetia, we carefully listen to every patient who is going through this process in order to respond to all of their needs or any concerns that they may have. We need to take every detail into consideration. A patient who we have treated and who is diagnosed with cancer the following day is not the same as a patient who has already beaten cancer. The most important thing is to make it clear that in no case whatsoever is it legal nor ethical for a person who is undergoing active chemotherapy (not follow-up chemotherapy) to receive any aesthetic medical treatment.

How does Nordetia help cancer patients to feel good about themselves again?

1.- Improving the quality of their skin

“At Nordetia we have the most advanced technology and the latest injectable medication, such as  SisthaemaHevo T, in order to improve the quality of the skin as best as possible, as it is one of the organs that most suffers during cancer treatment.  One of the great benefits is that the effect is immediate, and the results will improve throughout the following sessions. Chemical peels, laser and radiofrequency (RF) therapy are also very beneficial when it comes to improving the skin and the subcutaneous tissue.

We must state that none of the techniques we use are pro-tumoral, they have been subject to rigorous testing and in no way can they result in or lead to the development of any cancerous condition. It is also important to point out that the injectable medication that we use at Nordetia has been studied using imaging techniques which are used to monitor cancer patients. This is essential in order to see that there are not any artefacts produced (an image that is studied but which does not match up with the patient’s body) in the CT scan, the MRI, or the PET scan, when patients visit their oncologist for an appointment.”

2.- Perfecting and improving some angles and specific parts of the face

“There are some people who are worried about appearing to be excessively thin or showing a general skin atrophy. In this case we can help by using fillers such as hyaluronic acid to add volume and make patients feel that they are at a “normal weight.”

On the other hand, there are some patients who have never liked their lips or who simply find that the ones they have are too thin. In these cases we help by perfecting their faces by using safe and effective techniques in a part of the face which is especially visible, leaving them with a very natural appearance.

3.- Improving hair quality

“In addition to improving the quality of the skin and the volume of the face with hyaluronic acid, as well as perfecting specific parts of the face, such as the lips, we can also help cancer patients improve their hair. When a person undergoes chemotherapy they lose their hair. At Nordetia we have several treatments to recover this hair loss, using minimally invasive mesotherapy techniques. By injecting at four different points (using a very fine needle), and thanks to the use of Capiled Photolaser technology, which stimulates the residual follicle growth, we are able to accelerate the hair growth process, and to visibly strengthen it. We all know that going through this process is unfortunately inevitable, but at Nordetia we are constantly researching and learning about how to help our patients feel and look better, something which in most cases results in a considerable and essential psychological improvement when it comes to their recovery.”

4.- Scar revision

Certain surgical techniques can also be very helpful when it comes to improving some of the after-effects of cancer treatment, such as any unattractive scarring. We can also use non-surgical procedures such as laser and injecting regenerative medicines, or muscle relaxers, which help us to reduce the appearance of these scars considerably. Chemical peels and depigmentation techniques developed with compounding are also very useful when improving the skin’s appearance.

5.- A change in lifestyle and diet

“While it is important for people without any health issues to adapt their lifestyles in order to improve their wellbeing, in the case of cancer patients, it is essential. That is why at Nordetia we help those people who have beaten cancer to introduce improvements into their diets, prescribing them with long-term instructions such as taking supplements. For our patients’ peace of mind, we are always certain that any supplement we recommend will not interfere in any way with the medication prescribed by their oncologist.”

6.- Keep in regular contact with their oncologist

“We must highlight that, as specialists in aesthetic oncology treatment, at Nordetia we are in direct contact with the oncologist of the patient that we are both treating, through referrals and counter referrals regarding the patient. It is information exchanged to ensure that there are no incorrect messages or confusion for the patient. It means we are able to address all their needs and resolve any concerns which may arise.”

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