Tips and treatments to help remove double chins

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A double chin is an aesthetic defect which affects a lot of people. It is a particularly visible issue and can affect people’s self-esteem.

Luckily, there are several tips to follow and highly effective treatments to remove double chins. At Nordetia Group we provide you with various solutions (that really work) to help get rid of your double chin.

Watch what you eat

To get rid of your double chin, it is important to watch what you eat, as fats from fried foods, pastries, etc. can accumulate in our body and cause us to be overweight, contributing to the development of a double chin.

Nevertheless, you must continue to eat food with healthy fats, such as those found in fish, dried fruit, etc.

In addition to eating well, which includes a suitable required nutritional balance, you should also stay at a constant and healthy weight throughout the year, without extreme fluctuations, as sudden weight changes can also cause a double chin to form, because they enable fat to accumulate and make our tissue more flaccid. 

Select a specific cosmetic treatment for you chin area

The cosmetics used and how they are applied are very important. It is a good idea to use a specific cream to hydrate your neck and chest (which are easily available), with a firming or rejuvenating effect. Apply the cream gently, without moving the neck skin too much, as this can make the elastic fibres within the neck break, making it appear more flaccid and more wrinkled. Always apply from the bottom up, in order to fight the effects of gravity. 

No excessive sunbathing

Although enjoying the sun is important for our health, due to the Vitamin D it provides us with, among other factors,  excessive sunbathing can also be damaging. You must remember that the sun ages our skin and causes marks to appear, however, it also destroys collagen and elastin, meaning that the skin loses its firmness and ages. It is the latter than means over exposure to the sun can lead to the development of a double chin. That is why it is essential to use good sun protection.

Dermal regeneration

At the Nordetia Group, we take care of dermal regeneration. We have the latest hyaluronic acids such as SISTHAEMA HEVO T, a technique used to increase the dermis, joining the epidermis with the dermis, resulting in a smoother and firmer appearance without adding volume. This reduces the flaccidity of the double chin.

Thread lifts

The apparent fat in a double chin and the weight it bears is not just down to fat alone, muscle and skin flaccidity are also factors. On occasions, people can have all three of these issues with their double chin. 

To treat this, at Nordetia Group, we have a highly effective technique which uses the latest thread lift technique to support the double chin, the muscle, the fat and the neck skin. 


This involves applying specific substances which help us to mobilise and dissolve local fat. It is an effective technique to improve the volume and weight of the double chin. As an option, it can also be done together with aparatology.

Fat freezing

This technology uses a device which is the same size as the double chin itself. Fat freezing is used to freeze the local pre platysma fat, which is found before reaching the platysma (the muscle which supports the neck), helping to prevent or get rid of a double chin. 

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