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Hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecule found in many of our body’s tissues, has become a star 21st-century beauty product. Our skin needs it to maintain the hydration levels to keep it supple and firm.

According to specialists, up to the age of 20, our bodies generate it on their own, but as one gets older, they no longer synthesise it in the same way, hence the first signs of ageing start to appear.

If you are over 20 and have started to notice your skin is more dehydrated, the first wrinkles have started to appear on your face and your epidermis is not as elastic and supple as when you were younger, don’t despair, just read the following post. It not only talks about HA, but also explains the state-of-the-art technology for optimising results. This technique has its own name: SISTHAEMA HEVO T and has just had an enormously successful launch at the 35th Congress of the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Society.

Dra.Marjorie Garcerant Tafur, Director of Nordetia Clinics Madrid Vaguada, specialist in comprehensive aesthetic medicine and expert in the application protocol for SISTHAEMA HEVO T, explains all you need to know about the top ranking active ingredient.Are you ready to ‘sisthaematise’? Welcome to the new era of Aesthetic Medicine!


SISTHAEMA HEVO T is a dermal bio-regenerator, consisting of fragments of non-reticulated HA, with fragments of 20 to 38 monomers, two molecular weights and 1% trehalose (a molecule-stabilising disaccharide).

It has a mean molecular weight of 1.4 Mda (megadaltons) and is bound to the trehalose that protects the HA from enzymatic and oxidative degradation. It is a highly effective cell membrane stabiliser and highly hygroscopic (capable of attracting water).

What does it provide in practical terms? It is basically very pure HA, which has excellent hydrating properties while providing a powerful tissue lift effect due to the added collagen formation. The results are immediate and long-lasting, and it is easy and almost painless to inject. Secondary effects are minimal. On rare occasions there might be some swelling or a haematoma, i.e., as occurs with other types of HA.

With in vivo use, the ionisation of its carboxyl groups means HA is capable of creating chemical complexes with large numbers of water molecules, forming very high viscosity hyaluronates, which permit its easy integration into the tissue. Inject into the dermis, it increases the quantity of water and induces collagen formation by the fibroblasts (the most important cell responsible for giving firmness to the skin).

SISTHAEMA HEVO T is completely biocompatible, biodegradable and non-allergenic, as shown in numerous evaluation tests, such as the tests for: biocompatibility, citotoxicity, intracutaneous reaction, mutagenicity, protein dose, acute toxicity, subacute toxicity, 4-week muscle implants and acute systemic injection.

What does the SISTHAEMA HEVO T application protocol consist of?

‘SISTHAEMA HEVO T is injected in the deep dermis, subcutaneous layer or surface tissue with a 30 G needle, i.e. the second smallest diameter on the market. This means the injection is virtually imperceptible.

The SISTHAEMA HEVO T application protocol consists of three two-weekly sessions, after which there are booster sessions every one to three months, depending on how the skin responds and the client’s age.

This is useful for obtaining what we term the ‘individual cutaneous therapeutic index’, which means that each skin has different needs; indeed, the same skin might even have different needs from one appointment to another and, as physicians, we must considered each client on the current status of the skin, to prevent and treat signs of the passage of time (which we no longer calls signs of ageing) whatever the age, depending on each individual’s characteristics’.

Are there any contraindications or secondary effects with SISTHAEMA HEVO T?

‘It may be said that SISTHAEMA HEVO T is practically innocuous.It is only contraindicated in pregnant women, in people with local infections or facial or dental inflammatory processes, in people with autoimmune disease and in clients on anticoagulants.

Furthermore, SISTHAEMA HEVO T does not usually produce side effects. On very rare occasions, some form of erythema, oedema or haematoma might appear, which clears up spontaneously without consequences in less than 48 hours.

‘With SISTHAEMA HEVO T, we have entered a new era in aesthetic medicine, as this is the most innovative technology for optimising results from HA known to date.

In short, SISTHAEMA HEVO T is an HA with all its hydrating properties and its excellent, well known, safety profile, which is capable of stimulating collagen formation, behaving in the most physiological way possible in the tissue’.

SISTHAEMA HEVO T is highly recommendable, either for preventing the signs of ageing or combatting them directly, if you are already at that stage. Another of its major benefits is that it is suitable for all kinds of skins and ages .Its enormous anti-ageing power prevents the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, as well as loss of hydration and volume to the face.

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