Six point hair growth stimulation technique for more growth and strength

Hair loss medical treatment

This is a revolutionary new technique which helps to increase hair growth while also making the hair stronger. Its purpose is to stimulate the hair follicle so that better quality hair is produced, reversing the thinning process, which can help to prevent the onset of hair loss. 

This has been developed because the constant and ongoing hair mesotherapy that patients who undergo a hair transplant have to endure is still a “micro-trauma” which can cause inflammatory scarring and can also lead to areas of hair loss or the overall failure of the transplant. 

To do this, asepsis and topical anaesthesia are first administered, and then vitamins and trace-elements or Dutasteride/Finasteride are used. There are areas of hair where, of course, we are unable to make hair grow again, but we will inject there in order to strengthen any follicle which is still active. Typically,  this is done at six points in the central area, the sides, at the back of the head and on the scalp are injected. 

As the scalp is an area which beneath is actually separated from the cranium (a virtual space) and is suitably vascularized, the way to apply this is by injecting just below the scalp to make sure that it does not tense up. Once injected, we will be able to see some more volume, meaning that it has to applied very slowly and the area needs to be compressed in order to suitably and evenly distribute said volume.

When applying this technique we will pay special attention to wherever there is still some active hair. What will we achieve? We will strengthen the hair that the patient still has in a certain area. 

It is important that the injections are made very slowly, without tensing up any of the hair follicles so that there is no hair loss.

It is a hugely beneficial technique, not just due to the impressive results it delivers but also because it is painless, there is no bleeding, and it is only administered in six points. It can be used for both men and women, and not just if there is any hair loss but also if they would like the improve the quality of their hair. It also a highly recommended treatment following the menopause because the hair density usually decreases after this, as well as after birth, when the hair becomes more fragile, and the regular renovation of hair becomes less frequent. 

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