Lip lift, the minimally invasive surgical technique for a younger smile

Aesthetic Surgery

The lips are a fundamental part of facial aesthetics. Just like the rest of the body, they start to age over time. The most common signs of lip ageing are usually the loss of volume and projection and the flattening of the top lip “Cupid’s bow”. The area above the lips also tends to lengthen, leading to those unattractive vertical wrinkles. The corners of the mouth also mercy) mercilessly show the passage of time.

In this sense, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery and made great progress. Nowadays, thanks to simple, effective and totally natural-looking treatment, we can create the correctly proportioned, well-shaped and fuller lips of a younger person.

Specialists say that for the full rejuvenation of the lip area (in the case of older people) it is advisable to treat other areas as well, such as the nasolabial grooves and the corners of the mouth, in order to obtain a much more harmonious result.

There are many factors that make the lips look nice. The most obvious of these are thickness and shape, but there are others that have considerable influence on the appearance of the mouth, such as the correct exposure of the teeth when we smile. At Nordetia, our specialist doctors analyse each client´s features and design customised treatment protocols, including surgical and aesthetic medical procedures to provide the necessary solution. Today we are talking about the lip lift, a minimally invasive surgical technique with an almost immediate rejuvenating effect. To find out more, keep reading.

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift or raising of the upper lip, is a minimally invasive facial surgical technique that enlarges the lips and increases their projection and definition. This makes the mouth look visibly younger, as it provides more volume and firmness. With this procedure, fillers are not required and the results are permanent. It also improves the smile as the top teeth are exposed in a more natural way.

Who are the best candidates for undergoing a lip lift?

Basically, anyone with the following symptoms:

  • Teeth not showing when smiling.
  • A space of over 1.5 cm between the nose and the red edge of the upper lip.
  • People whose lips are thin and flat.
  • When the corners of the mouth are drooping, giving the person a constantly angry look.
  • Asymmetric lips.
  • Clients who, having had lip fillers, have found that the lip has started to droop with gravity.

Advantages of the lip lift

  • This is a simple, highly effective and minimally invasive surgical technique.
  • A lip lift is an outpatient procedure. It is performed using a small dose of topical or local anaesthesia, depending on the client’s needs.
  • The lip lift is a painless surgical technique, and the client can quickly return to daily life.
  • It is a personalized procedure, as it depends on the shape of the client’s lip. For that reason it is essential to put yourself in the hands of the best specialists. They will decide on the most appropriate procedure in each case, in order to achieve as harmonious and natural a results as possible.
  • This surgical technique only requires a tiny incision. The incision is hidden under the nasal fold or the lower part of the nose, so any scarred will be imperceptible.
  • The lips look much fuller.
  • The curvature of the upper lip is much more defined.

If you would like to have fuller, more sensual-looking lips with totally natural and permanent results, remember this name: Lip lift, the minimally invasive facial surgical technique that visibly rejuvenates your face.

Are you ready to show off your smile to the world?

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