Mini Boob Job, the most natural-looking breast augmentation
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According to the latest studies by the Spanish Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE), each year a total of 400,000 plastic surgery procedures are carried out. Demand has grown by 200% since 2000 and, according to specialists, breast augmentation is still one of the most requested procedures. However, this trend is changing. Currently, the surgery in highest demand is natural breast augmentation.Indeed, for a while now, more and more women have reversed their decision to enlarge their breasts voluptuously and have undergone further surgery to recover their original shape. One well known example is that of the famous designer Victoria Beckham.

Underlying this reversal is a new aesthetic perspective that firmly favours the natural look.

Are you considering surgery for breast augmentation, but want something more discreet and subtle? Remember the name:Mini Boob Job, the new trend in aesthetic breast surgery, which is becoming (very) popular. If you’d like to know more, continue reading…

Is a Mini Boob Job breast augmentation recommendable? Our expert answers

According to Dr. Ignacio Ortega Remírez, specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery as Nordetia Clinics Madrid Vaguada, we should welcome this new trend, as it is very positive for both physician and client, because, in his opinion: ‘a discreet increase in breast size reduces (even further) the minimal complications that could occur with this type of surgery (capsular contractures and rippling or wrinkles to the implant). Furthermore, should a second operation be required to change the implant with the passage of time, this will always be simpler with smaller implants. Dr. Ortega further adds: ‘one could say that, until very recently, many women have valued size over the natural look. Now, women attending our clinic prefer to make their breasts more attractive more subtly. Whatever the case, we should always bear in mind that the right size is proportionate to the client’s thorax and breasts, i.e., what best suits her physiognomy. Aesthetically, this suits women much more, as it visibly improves the shape of their breasts, without having to go large’.

What is a Mini Boob Jobbreast augmentation?

It is breast augmentation surgery that uses a smaller implant, with the aim of producing much more natural and discreet results. The aim is to obtain an attractive breast with a discreet cleavage and a moderate, well-proportioned volume that matches the client’s physiognomy.

Specialists point out that, until very recently, this surgical technique was most commonly used by slim, slightly built women or those who had lost the fullness of their breasts as a result of breastfeeding or the passing of time and wanted to restore their beauty without losing their natural breast shape.

What factors should the specialist bear in mind when performing the Mini Boob Job breast augmentation?

The aim of this surgical technique is to provide a result that is as natural as possible, hence the surgeon should carefully analyse the following factors:

  • Measurement of the client’s thorax and breasts.
  • Her physiognomy.
  • The size of her back and shoulders.
  • Her stature.
  • Her weight.
  • Her lifestyle.
  • The skin and tissue quality of her breasts.
  • The results the client is looking for.

Consequently, it is essential for the operating surgeon to talk in depth with the client. This will ensure the results are completely satisfactory and very natural, which is the surgeon’s main aim with Mini Bob Job breast augmentation surgery.

What type of implant should be used for a Mini Boob Job breast augmentation?

When performing this type of surgery, the specialist should not only choose a small implant, to improve and beautify the client’s breasts, but also select the shape, width and projection of the implant.

Shape of the implant: specialists say the most frequently used shapes are round and teardrop. The one used depends on the desired end result. It is essential that the surgeon carrying out the operation is an expert in the Mini Boob Job breast augmentation technique.

Width of the implant: this depends above all on the size of the client’s thorax and shoulders.

Projection of the implant: this factor depends on both the width of the client’s back and shoulders and the volume she wishes to give to her breasts.

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