Non-surgical blepharoplasty: rejuvenate your eyes thanks to aesthetic medicine
Comprehensive aesthetic medicina

At Nordetia we perform non-surgical blepharoplasty, using ideal aesthetic medical techniques for non-ablative rejuvenation of the area around the eye. With the direct visual contact with we have with each other in everyday life, our focus is usually drawn to on other people’s eyes. For this reason it is totally understandable to want the eye area to remain attractive. The medical knowledge currently available on the physical ageing of the eyelids means that we can now apply techniques with similar results to surgery in terms of how long they last, but without all the disadvantages of going into the operating theatre or a long recovery period. Keep on reading to find out more about this facial rejuvenation technique. Dra. Marjorie Garcerant Tafur, Director of Nordetia Clinics Madrid Vaguada and specialist in comprehensive aesthetic medicine explains what it is all about.

Advantages of non-surgical blepharoplasty

At Nordetia we use plasma technology, the very latest, safest and most effective tool for treating loose skin, wrinkles, age spots and yellow marks (among other aesthetic issues) found around the eye, without surgical intervention. These are some of the benefits:

  • The technique is non-invasive, so it is particularly recommended for people with excess skin or drooping eyelids who do not wish to undergo surgical blepharoplasty.
  • The doctor can design and customise the eyelid retraction.
  • There are no changes to eye expression.
  • This treatment is not limited to the eyelid; it also includes rejuvenation of the entire area around the eye.
  • The procedure is painless, as it is performed under a combined anaesthetic technique that can be adjusted to the client’s individual pain threshold.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty using plasma technology

Laser treatment must be performed by a qualified doctor, who uses a light, versatile laser head, carefully applies strategically places “shots” of a kind of energy called plasma. This causes a tiny surface mark the size of a pin-head, without damaging the surrounding skin. The technique sublimates the superficial corneocytes (cells in the upper layer of the epidermis), without causing bleeding or bruising. The resulting lesion causes the skin to visibly and immediately retract. This is a fast and safe procedure, followed by temporary swelling or inflammation and the appearance to tiny 1.5mm scabs, which fall off after 3 to 7 days. The new skin is fresh, rosy, flexible and tightened.

Frequently asked questions about non-surgical blepharoplasty

How long do the results last?

Between 3 and 6 years.

Do you have any pre- and post-treatment tips for non-surgical plasma technology blepharoplasty

  • You should avoid exposure to sunlight for one week prior to treatment and four weeks afterwards.
  • Use sunscreen (min. SPF 50) for three months after treatment if you are going out in the sun.
  • Cleanse the treated areas pH neutral soap and water twice a day until the scabs have all gone.
  • Attend a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after treatment.
  • Consult your specialist for ongoing treatment and cosmetic recommendations.

Information of interest

This technique has a recovery period of one week, during which time any side effects or complications can be quickly detected for timely treatment.

Number of sessions

A touch-up can be performed at a follow-up appointment, or you can undergo as many sessions as necessary to retract all the excess tissue.

Possible complications

  • Hyperpigmentation, if the specialist’s recommendations are not followed.
  • Local swelling that does not go down after 48 hours.
  • Hypersensitivity in the treated area.
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