Body filler treatment protocol

This combats skin flaccidity and laxity, stimulating the production of collagen and reinforcement of tissue in different parts of the body.

Results and duration

The results of this treatment are very satisfactory, as it corrects atrophic and retractile scars, and produces an increase and projection of volumes in any body area.

What is it?

This treatment consists of the use of next-generation dermal fillers, which correct wrinkles, re-densify the dermis and naturally produce a tightening effect.The particles stimulate collagen production and the generation of new tissue, increasing internal tightening in the infiltrated areas.

How is it performed?

This medical-aesthetic technique is infiltrated in the deep subcutaneous layer with special cannula, depending on the area and extension to treat.For the aesthetic result of the treatment to be correct and safe, it is important to have enough tissue for coverage and support.Usually at least 1 cm of skin thickness (including subcutaneous fat) is needed to achieve good results; that is, for the results to be aesthetic and lasting, and to minimise possible adverse effects.


These are fundamentally characterised by being biodegradable, not permanent and not requiring the performance of cutaneous tests before application. They are also available in different densities, for their use on different levels and for different purposes, since in addition to filling, they can be used to hydrate and improve the skin’s quality and appearance.


  • They correct skin flaccidity and laxity.
  • They correct atrophic and retractile scars.
  • Their use produces an increase and projection of volumes in any body area.

Areas of application

  • Face.
  • Arms.
  • Thighs.
  • Knees.
  • Abdomen.
  • Buttocks.

Recommendations and care

  • Avoiding the use of tobacco and alcohol is recommended for several days.
  • Sports activities that involve major exertion must not be carried out once the filler has been applied.
  • Avoid exposure to a heat source or direct sun exposure after the application of the treatment.
  • You must not sleep face down.


Are they permanent?

No, the use of permanent fillers is not authorised by the Health Department.

Can I practise sports after the filler?

It is not advisable to do physical exercise immediately afterwards.The best thing is to wait at least a week.

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