For scanning the body as well as monitoring, observing and checking results.

Results and duration

Your progress and results can be monitored over time.

What is it?

The exclusive Bodygee® uses an advanced technology with 3D sensors, in order to scan the whole body with great precision.This allows us to evaluate the body composition in total volume, and the percentage composition of fat, water, muscle and the rest of the dry weight of this total volume.

How is it performed?

The body is scanned at the start of the treatment protocol. By downloading the smartphone app, the client can monitor progress over time, with the photorealist 3D avatar of the client’s own body, which provides the motivation to achieve a healthy body transformation.

The measurement is performed by positioning the client on a rotating platform, which makes an assessment in 360º of the total body constitution, so that software then breaks down that total mass in sections to guide selection of the most suitable treatment to be performed, which favours its effectiveness.


Its advanced 3D sensor technology means the entire body can be scanned with great precision. It is used at the beginning of the treatment protocol, in order to monitor the client’s evolution over time, thus motivating them to achieve a healthy transformation. 


  • It is not invasive.
  • It is immediate.
  • It is used for a baseline (initial) measurement and for monitoring.
  • This is an objective measurement, which does not depend on the client’s or physician’s perception.
  • Measurements can be taken as many times as desired; even before and after each treatment, to check the effectiveness of each technique individually.
  • This enables adjusting the treatment protocol at any time to increase effectiveness.

Areas of application

The whole body.

Recommendations and care

  • Always perform scans at the same time to reduce possible constitutional variations that may appear throughout the day.
  • Inform an aesthetic medicine assistant if you experience any symptoms associated with dizziness or vertigo.


Could anyone gain access to my data?

No, this is individual and only you can see this on your mobile device.

After finishing treatment could I have another body scan?

Yes, any time you want to assess the baseline (initial) status, and when you want or need to have another body treatment protocol.

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    It is advisable to always perform this before any body treatment, and after finishing it, in order to have an objective measurement of the changes produced by the treatment.