Cellulitis treatment protocol

Orange peel skin can now be treated from all angles.


These personalised protocols are very effective, requiring maintenance to retain the results over time.

What is it?

This treatment is to eliminate cellulite, a multi-factor condition which must be treated from several angles.This is panniculopathy, which affects all subcutaneous cell tissue, with accumulation of fluid, fibres and fat in different proportions, and which varies throughout the life of each person.

How is it performed?

The personalised, complete treatment protocol is the combination of home care measures (recommendations the client must follow), and the therapeutic measure needed in each case.

Usually a combined approach is carried out, to treat each factor that contributes to this orange peel skin effect.

We can use radiofrequency, lymphatic drainage that is carried out manually or with devices, technologies that mobilise localised fat with rotation and/or suction, electrostimulation to strengthen the muscle, homeopathic or allopathic mesotherapy and even debridement of local fibrous tracts.


The combination of individualised techniques increases the effectiveness of the treatments; however, in this specific case, the maintenance the client follows at home is the only guarantee to maintain these results in the long term. That is why at Nordetia we encourage our clients to come to follow-ups in order to strengthen these home care habits throughout the year and not only prior to summer.


  • Nordetia protocols are a comprehensive approach to the condition of cellulite, suitable for the multi-factor nature of this condition.
  • They are effective after the first session, because they start with the most suitable technology to promote the client’s motivation, as well as adherence to protocol.
  • The different technologies used to treat this also have a relaxing side effect, as they are neither painful nor uncomfortable.

Areas of application

  • Legs.
  • Buttocks.
  • Back.
  • Arms.

Recommendations and care

  • It is fundamental to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eliminating the consumption of tobacco, restricting the consumption of alcohol and following a controlled, balanced diet.
  • It is very important to do moderate physical exercise on a regular basis.
  • We recommend using the most effective technique over the course of seasonal treatment cycles all year round, once the desired results are achieved.


Are the results permanent?

No, because they depend on the client’s individual conditions throughout life.However, Nordetia protocols are designed to help with this temporary journey by adapting the specific recommendations in each case.

When can the results be seen?

Immediately after the first session, because upon obtaining the correct diagnosis, the most effective technique is chosen to increase motivation toward the culmination of the prescribed protocol.

Must I have treatments permanently?

Not necessarily, as by having a complete record of the client’s body with the Bodygee® scanner, we can always check it to see the starting point and adjust the maintenance measures.

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    ALINA L.

    I am very pleased with the clinic. From the moment you enter the clinic, they treat you great. I’m on an anti-cellulite protocol. I am attended by Monica and Claudia. Two wonderful, charming girls. Impossible to find someone better than them. You girls are great. I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you very much for everything.


    I would like to share my satisfaction with the personalised treatment I received and the excellent attention of the staff. I am also very happy with the result, in my case with a body protocol that includes radiofrequency, electro stimulation and massage. Great result, Thank you!

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