The most advanced cryotherapy cabin on the market.

Results and duration

Its effectiveness is proven in medical-aesthetic treatments.It improves the ability to concentrate and helps with sleep disorders.It improves physical performance, eliminating muscle fatigue after training or after everyday activity.It also accelerates the recovery of some lesions.

What is it?

This technology is thermal cryo-contrast, which consists of exposing the body to low temperatures (between -110ºC and -196ºC) for short periods of time, thus activating the body’s metabolism.It is of great use for people who are trying to lose weight, as it helps the body burn fat in only 3 minutes.The skin acquires a softer, healthier appearance, it prevents the deterioration of arteries and joints and it lessens some of the symptoms related to menopause.

How is it performed?

This is a cabin in which the client introduces the entire body, leaving only the head outside.A treatment session is scheduled for three minutes, during which the client is constantly under the supervision of an aesthetic medicine assistant.


Our body has a large capacity of self-regeneration.By exposing it to low temperatures, we oxygenate it and eliminate toxins.Likewise, we release endorphins which create a pleasant feeling of well-being.


  • It improves the lipid profile.
  • It reduces oxidative stress and mediators of depression.
  • It improves physical performance.
  • It favours quick recovery from lesions and arteriosclerosis in older clients.
  • It can help the body burn up to 800 kcal in only 3 minutes.
  • It lessens some of the most common symptoms related to menopause.

Areas of application

The whole body.

Recommendations and care

Cryotherapy is a process with very few risks and complications.The exposure to cold is short and is performed in well-controlled conditions.The Cryosense® cabin is designed to stop automatically if optimal operating conditions are not available.So typically there are no problems during or after the session, and the user can return to usual activity immediately.


Does it make you slim?

Not specifically.It is a complement to general and local weight reduction treatments.

What is the general effect?

This is an anti-ageing treatment for the whole internal body; that is, it is not only used to achieve a visible aesthetic effect.

How many sessions must I have?

There is no limit to the number of sessions or their frequency.As each session only lasts three minutes, this does not condition compliance with the usual protocol of one to two sessions per week.However, the number of these will depend on the specific needs of each person.

Does it work differently if it is used for the recovery from muscle lesions?

Not in regard to the technique, because the whole body must be placed inside the chamber and not only the injured limb.Nevertheless, the frequency with which it is performed does change, as the sessions can be carried out every 24 hours, until there is clear improvement in the lesion or even full recovery is achieved.

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