Depigmentation and facial spot protocol

Unify the colour of your skin with the treatments that are best suited to your type of spot.

Results and duration

They are progressive, according to the tolerance of the client’s skin to the methods used.The skin that tends to have spots appear must always be cared for, as a life habit.Depigmentation treatments must be properly maintained and protected throughout the year, and reinforced during the summer.

What is it?

Depigmentation treatments are a type of procedure used to lighten the skin and/or eliminate spots.The causes for the appearance of these colour differences on the skin are rather varied: sun exposure, pregnancy, oral contraceptives and other medications and genetic predisposition.

Professional assessment is essential to establish the type of spot the client has, and the proper specific treatment to restore the skin, either with depigmentation peels, IPL or laser.

How is it performed?

Any of the methods used requires previous preparation of the skin.For IPL or laser, anaesthetic cream is applied for 40 minutes throughout the area to increase tolerability.All the treatments are accompanied by recommendations to follow at home, most importantly the use of sun protection.


The importance of treating spots lies in that they do not go away on their own; rather, over time pigmentation increases and they grow in number.


All the modes of treatment have the added benefit of stimulating the skin, in order to provide a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Areas of application

All the areas exposed to the sun, which are the most susceptible to having focal pigmentation.

Recommendations and care

Broad-spectrum sun protection, with reapplication throughout the day and for all seasons of the year.


Is the result permanent?

No, sun exposure makes the client always at risk for the appearance of the same spot or others.

Can they be combined with other techniques?

Yes, as the susceptibility of the spot can only be known by trying different techniques, as long as the initial diagnosis has been completed.

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