Endovascular techniques

Eliminate your varicose veins without surgery.

Results and duration

Duration: between 30’ and 2 hours. 

Results: in most cases, the results are permanent and quick. The vein, once treated and closed, over time acts as an internal scar, and is reabsorbed by the body.

What is it?

These are procedures performed with infiltration of medication in the form of microfoam or with the introduction of a catheter in the varicose vein to be treated, which is removed as the procedure is performed. These procedures represent the latest technology in the treatment of large varicose veins.

How is it performed?

In most cases they are performed with local anaesthesia (sedation may be needed depending on the technique) and guided by ultrasound. A catheter is introduced inside the affected veins, causing a controlled closure of them, thanks to the thermal effect of the catheter upon depositing the medication in the form of intravenous glue or infiltration of microfoam. 


  • These are the most innovative techniques for eliminating varicose veins without surgery.
  • This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.
  • It is highly effective and safe.
  • The microfoam and intravenous glue do not require rest or medical leave, and allow returning to normal routine immediately.

Areas of application

Veins in the legs.

Recommendations and care

  • You should walk for 30-45 minutes after the procedure.
  • For the thermal techniques, compression stockings should be worn for the period of time determined by the specialist.
  • For the technique with intravenous glue, the patient does not require the use of compression stockings or bandages.
  • The thermal ablation techniques require rest and medical leave.
  • Applying a vitamin K cream, is recommended in order to facilitate the elimination of the bruises that usually appear after the infiltration.


Are endovascular techniques suitable for any person who has a varicose vein problem?

Not everyone is a candidate for endovascular procedures, as not all types of varicose veins require this type of techniques. However, there are different types of procedures, so there is a strong possibility of being able to perform one of them. This is why it is essential for the specialist in phlebology to carry out a study beforehand, in order to assess which procedure is the most appropriate in each case.

Are the results of an endovascular procedure permanent?

In most cases, yes, and also very quick. However, it is advisable for people who have this problem to come to the check-ups as indicated by the doctor, as we cannot forget that the possibility of developing other varicose veins in the future is something that may happen. 

What are the most common side effects?

This will depend on the type of procedure performed. In some of them, there is just a little local swelling and some discomfort to the touch in the area treated. In other procedures, rest is necessary in order to prevent the discomfort that may appear.

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