Flaccidity treatment protocol

Recovers elasticity, characteristic of young skin, throughout the body.

Results and duration

Duration: the results remain variable, depending on the degree of severity of the initial flaccidity, and on the follow-up with maintenance measures as indicated during the treatment.

Results: they are immediate with radiofrequency technology and HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound).

What is it?

This treatment consists of a set of strategies that favour contraction of the dermis and epidermis to reduce the appearance of flaccidity in the skin.These include energy-based devices, such as radiofrequency and HIFU, and injectables such as dermal regenerators or dermal support threads.

How is performed?

This treatment is performed with a physical examination and complete medical history, to rule out contraindications, and indication of the technique to be used as a unique strategy to be effective after the first session, and improve with the following sessions.


This treatment recovers elasticity, characteristic of young skin, throughout the body.


  • This treatment is effective after the first session.
  • It is not painful, not even when infiltrated techniques are used, as these are minimally invasive.

Areas of application

  • Anterior and posterior side of thighs.
  • Neck.
  • Chest.
  • Hands.
  • Upper part of knees.
  • Arms.

Recommendatios and care

  • The use of topical dermal regenerators is recommended.
  • Sun exposure must be avoided.
  • The skin must be kept properly hydrated.


Does the treatment last?

Since the collagen fibres stretch and wrinkle, each treatment has an immediate effect, which with movement is gradually lost.But it is necessary to have several sessions in order for the result to build up and be maintained for a while.

Could good results be achieved with only diet and exercise?

No, because cutaneous flaccidity is caused by the deterioration of collagen fibres and elastin, which are regenerated with the application of this protocol.

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