FUE hair graft technique

FUE is the most advanced technique currently available to treat baldness and alopecia.

Results and duration

In general, with the FUE technique, the most advanced currently available, only one session is required to achieve the results desired in the area to treat. If another area needs to be treated, we must wait between 6 and 8 months before performing the second intervention. It is completely feasible to undergo a hair graft, for example, in the front area, and another to cover the crown area, but the time period between the surgeries as established by the specialist must be respected. 

Duration: between 7 and 8 hours for 3000 follicular units.

Results: visible after 8 months.

Post-operative period: analgesics for discomfort.

Medical discharge: the same day. 

Hospitalization: outpatient surgery.

Anaesthesia: local.

What is it?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most advanced technique currently available to treat baldness. This is performed by extracting follicular units follicle by follicle from the donor area (with local anaesthesia), and subsequently making incisions in the recipient area. Then implantation is carried out, also follicle by follicle.  This is a minimally invasive surgical technique performed with local anaesthesia and on an outpatient basis, which reduces surgical risk. The client’s recovery after surgery is fairly quick and painless, so returning to usual routine is almost immediate.

How is it performed?

The first part of the intervention consists of extracting follicular units from the donor area, with local anaesthesia. Once extraction is finished, incisions are made where the follicles will be implanted. These incisions are made with a very small, fine scalpel, which enables making them close together and causes less damage to the recipient tissue.

The surgery takes around 8 hours. However, the exact duration will always depend on the specific characteristics of each client.

As this technique is minimally invasive, returning to the client’s normal routine is usually fairly quick. The post-operative period is generally not painful, either. It is normal for some swelling to occur in the front area 2-3 days after surgery.

The first follow-up is performed 25-30 days after the intervention. This is when the healing process will be evaluated, and all doubts raised by the client who underwent surgery will be resolved.


The results are permanent and natural.

Areas of application

  • Scalp.
  • Beard. 
  • Eyebrows.

Recommendations and care

When the intervention is finished, the client is given all the post-operative care and instructed on the treatment to follow. This usually includes: avoiding the beach, pool, sauna, the use of helmets and hats, sun exposure and the use of chemicals, at least during the first month after the intervention.


Is the result permanent?

Yes, as the implanted hair does not fall out, because it is not influenced hormonally like the follicle that was in the area affected by alopecia.

Is it necessary to use any type of hair loss treatment after the intervention?

This is recommended to strengthen the implanted hair and to delay the progression of androgenic alopecia.

Can I cut the hair that grows?

Yes, of course, because it is the client’s own hair. Caring for it after the intervention is the same as usual.

Can I return to normal life after the surgery?

Absolutely, after 72 hours.

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