Hair mesotherapy

This technique is a cutaneous transdermal therapy that stimulates the stem cells of the bulb and induces activation of growth factors. This leads to an increased growth rate and strengthens the hairs.

Results and duration

Performing at least 3 continuous sessions and another 3 maintenance sessions is recommended. However, the frequency of these sessions may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each client. 

Results can be seen between the second and third session.

What is it?

With asepsis and topical anaesthesia, small injections are given with a fine needle in the scalp, depositing products such as growth factors, hair vitamins, drugs such as dutasteride, etc., with the purpose of stimulating the hair follicle to produce better quality hair, thus reversing hair thinning, which prevents the advance of alopecia.   

This treatment can be used on both men and women, and not only for problems with alopecia, but also if they wish to improve hair quality. It is recommended especially after menopause, when hair density usually decreases.

How is it performed?

After the application of topical anaesthesia, the scalp is cleaned and small injections of a specific product are given 1 cm in diameter apart. This is performed especially in the area we wish to treat, for example, the crown or front area. The process is followed by the application of Capiled Photolaser tecnology for about 20 minutes.


  • It improves hair density. 
  • It reduces hair loss.
  • It helps to reverse the process of hair thinning. 
  • It is an outpatient treatment.

Areas of application

Area affected, such as front, mid-scalp and crown of the scalp.

Recommendations and care

No specific care is required. The client can return to normal life after application.


Can I wash my head after the treatment?

Yes, there is no problem.

Can I do sports?

Waiting 48 hours after the session is recommended, so the scalp pores do not become infected with sweat.

How many sessions do I need?

At least 5 sessions are recommended.

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