Hand rejuvenation treatment protocol

Hands free of spots, without ageing marks, hydrated and soft.

Results and duration

Rejuvenation of the skin on the hands is achieved by restoring smoothness, hydration and softness, all characteristics of young hands, as well as eliminating anti-aesthetic spots.

What is it?

Next-generation hyaluronans enable very effective rejuvenation of the hands.With conventional hyaluronans, we can improve volume in excessively thin hands, and with the laser, we can eliminate the anti-aesthetic spots.In order to achieve full rejuvenation of this area, we can apply practically all the techniques that we employ in the facial area: fillers, spot treatment and peels.

How is performed?

In order to treat the spots, lasers and pulsed light are used, for dehydration, topical treatments with peels and dermocosmetics.For skin thinning (parchment appearance), dermal regenerators are used, such as SISTHAEMA HEVO T, which hydrates and regenerates in only one session.For thinning in the back of the hands, next-generation hyaluronic acid is used, such as HAEQUEO or AURHEO, which in their different cross-links (densities) can fill hands that have lost volume, as well as those that are considered extremely thin; that is, those called “skeletonised”.


With these treatments we achieve a visible rejuvenating effect on the hands, since, besides providing deep hydration, we smooth the fine wrinkles and improve the skin tone, giving them are more healthy appearance.The most important thing is to have a personalised treatment, because we are all unique and need proper care.


  • The hands acquire a smooth, hydrated, soft appearance.
  • The results are immediately visible and continue improving with each session.
  • The texture, colour and volume characteristic of young hands is recovered.
  • Dermal regeneration of the area is produced.
  • This increases the client’s self-esteem and nobody will notice the treatment undergone.

Areas of application

The hands.

Recommendations and care

  • Avoid sun exposure for the first 48 hours.
  • Do not put pressure on the treated area.


How long does treatment last?

The results are immediate and performing the treatment at least once a year is recommended.

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