Lip lift

Surgical technique to produce more attractive lips and rejuvenate the smile.

Results and duration

Duration: 1 hour.

Results: permanent.

Postoperative care: analgesics.

Discharge: day surgery.

Hospitalisation: not required.

Anaesthesia: local.

What is it?

The liplift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which raises the upper lip to provide a younger looking, highly natural and harmonious smile. 

How is it performed?

It is performed by making a small incision that lifts the upper lip, and shortens the philtrum or medial cleft. The incision is hidden under the bottom of the nose. Next, a resection is made in the skin of the upper lip where it meets the nose and, finally, stitches are applied, which become practically imperceptible once the healing process is complete.


  • Leaves no visible scars.
  • The effects are immediate.
  • The post-op is painless.
  • The results are natural and permanent.
  • It provides harmony to the face. 
  • It produces a slight eversion, making the lip look a little fuller.


Areas of application

Upper lip.

Recommendations and care

  • Do not smoke for a month after the procedure.
  • Ice should be applied to the area during the first 48-72 hours.
  • Avoid opening the mouth wide for the first two days. 
  • Excessive gesticulation should be avoided.
  • Avoiding exposure to sunlight is advisable.


Can you undergo lip augmentation after the procedure?

Yes. A hyaluronic acid injection can be administered to enhance the results. However, it is advisable to wait 2 weeks after undergoing surgery, to let any inflammation subside.

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