Localised fat treatment protocol

Treatment with combined techniques, which are minimally invasive, to permanently reduce the localised fat in the least amount of time and sessions, and with lasting results maintained by care at home.

Results and duration

In any of the techniques used, the metabolism and elimination of this fat takes around 4 weeks, so you must wait this amount of time to prove its effectiveness.During this period of time, you must take general measures for nutritional control and do physical activity duly monitored by the physician.

What is it?

This is chemical or cold lipoapoptosis, followed by the application of shock waves in the same session.Follow-up should be performed after 6 weeks to plan the next session, if needed, at 8 weeks.It is essential you come to the medical consultation so the specialist can provide general recommendations on nutrition, complements and home care, in order to optimise the technique’s effectiveness.

How is it performed?

It is carried out with infiltration (using small-calibre needles, with moderate length), in the fatty tissue.It could also be ultrasound guided to increase the precision of the infiltration, and therefore, the treatment’s effectiveness.


It is fundamental that the person undergoing this treatment does not have cutaneous or subcutaneous lesions in the area to treat.


  • This is an additional weight loss strategy, with which the aesthetic result and the client’s body image can be improved.
  • It is a treatment that is very effective for people who have localised fat, without obesity, and with or without being overweight.
  • There are also clients who have panniculus adiposus greater than 2 cm of any age or sex.

Areas of application

All the body areas with panniculus adiposus greater than 2 cm in thickness.

Recommendations and care

  • Nutritional care during the days after infiltration.
  • Trauma in the treated area must be avoided.
  • The use of creams with arnica is recommended in the event local bruises appear.


Is it painful?

It is not painful and no application of topical or infiltrated anaesthesia is needed.

Can the sessions be repeated?

Yes, as long as there is still panniculus adiposus over 2 cm and the tissue recovery time of 4 weeks has been observed.

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    MARTA S.

    I’m doing a combined EVO and body mesotherapy protocol with Dr. De Sola and I’m very happy with the results! The carcinoma area has gone down a lot and without doing anything else, I notice it a lot in my clothes.

    Also, the treatment is great and the clinic is beautiful! A 10!

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    All the energy-based devices can be combined with this treatment strategy, as long as 4 weeks have passed for tissue recovery.