Sisthaema Hevo t, with next-generation hyaluronic acid

This is a next-generation hyaluronic acid, which combines its hydrating properties with a new collagen-forming ability.It achieves deep hydration, improves skin quality, and provides an immediate, natural lifting effect, without increasing the total volume of the face, and also without producing the most frequent side effects.

Results and duration

It is applied with an exclusive injection technique, called “TENSE Technique”, whose results are immediate and add to those obtained in previous sessions.The client can have as many sessions as needed, and at varied times, according to the skin’s degree of ageing and the regenerative capacity of the client’s tissues.

Duration: the effect of one session lasts 4 weeks thanks to the product itself; after that, it all depends on the collagen-forming capacity the client produces.

Results: immediate and added to those obtained in previous sessions.

What is it?

SisthaemaHevo a non-cross-linked next-generation hyaluronic acid with the highest purity.It boasts great hydrating power and gives the skin an immediate, natural lifting effect, without increasing the total volume of the face, and without producing the most frequent side effects, such as swelling and bruising.It promotes continuous regeneration of the epidermis, because it stimulates the formation of collagen, which is usually found in young skin.Once injected, its effects are long lasting.

How is it performed?

By injection, with the smallest-calibre needles on the market.It is applied in six strategic points, to achieve immediate correction of the client’s aesthetic defect, as well as inducing the process of tissue tensing, which will be observed a few days later.


Its double interval of molecular weights (high and low) will provide volume and deep hydration.

This is the only hyaluronic acid able to trigger true dermal bioregeneration, in a natural, continuous way.

It is the purest that exists, containing the lowest level of endotoxins, so it is very unlikely for you to experience side effects.


  • This allows immediate return to everyday life, as it does not produce any apparent side effects.
  • It does not usually produce bruising.
  • It has been widely studied and tested with very sophisticated techniques such as PET and CT scans, with which we can conclude that it is even recommended in people with a history of oncological disease or autoimmune disease, as long as the disease is not active.
  • The aesthetic results are immediate and improve over the next few days, when the collagen formation occurs.

Areas of application

  • Anterior area of the face.
  • Cheekbones.
  • Nasolabial folds.
  • Marionette lines.
  • Loss of definition in the oval of the face.
  • Posterior part of the face.
  • Malar-preauricular area.
  • The jawline, where the tissue is anchored to produce the immediate lifting effect.

Recommendations and care

  • Do not massage or mobilise the injected area.
  • Avoid trauma to the treated area.
  • At least one litre of water must be consumed in the first 24 hours after application.
  • Avoid tobacco consumption, especially for the first 24 hours.
  • Other aesthetic medicine and surgery techniques should not be used during the first 4 weeks after infiltration.


Does this add volume?

It is a dermal regenerator, so its mechanism of action is not volumising.However, it is dose-dependent, meaning we can put greater amounts in folds and lift the tissue in a similar way to a conventional filler.

How long do the effects last?

The effect of one session lasts 4 weeks thanks to the product itself; after that, it all depends on the collagen-forming capacity the client produces.

Is it painful?

Not really, as there are very few injection sites where it is applied.Besides, infiltration of the product is performed with a very small calibre needle, and a very small amount is deposited each time.However, if necessary, a topical anaesthetic could be used in order to reduce the discomfort as much as possible.

How many sessions are needed?

As many as are needed to achieve deep hydration of the skin and attain a tensing effect.The goal is for the client to be completely satisfied with the results.The number of sessions will vary according to the personalised study performed and especially the client’s initial degree of skin ageing.

How often should the sessions be carried out?

The best advice is every 2 weeks or every 2 months, according to the age and degree of skin ageing.However, this will depend on the duration of the hydration results obtained in the client’s skin, and on the lifting effect observed during the first week after application of the treatment.

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    It is advisable not to combine it with other techniques, in order to ascertain and enjoy the results obtained individually.Nevertheless, it can be accompanied by hyaluronans with different cross-links, to provide shape and volume to the face, as well as energy-based devices, such as radiofrequency or focused ultrasound.