Tuberous breasts

A surgical technique to correct this congenital breast malformation, restoring the natural, harmonious shape.

Results and duration

Duration: between 1 and 2 hours.

Results: visible after 1 month.

Postoperative care: analgesics for discomfort.

Discharge: after 24 hours.

Hospitalisation: 1 day of admission. 

Anaesthesia: general.

What is it?

Tuberous, or tubular, breasts are a type of congenital malformation which can affect one or both breasts. Due to this type of alteration, the lower pole and sides do not fully develop.

Cosmetic surgery is the most effective way of fully correcting this type of deformity. This surgical technique consists of remodelling the breast tissue to distribute it as evenly as possible, thus substantially improving the appearance for the breasts. In some cases, this type of surgery is complemented by breast implants, with the aim of increasing breast volume as well.

How is it performed?

This surgical procedure requires a surgeon with very specific training, qualifications and specialisation to correct the breast malformation satisfactorily.  The surgeon has to operate on the lower part of the breast, the inframammary fold and even the areole in the most severe cases.

With regard to the approach, in mild cases, i.e. where there is no hernia in the areole or ptosis (sagging of the breast), the ideal approach is the inframammary one, while severe cases require an areolar approach to perform a complete remodelling of the breast. Implants are used this type of surgery and can be anatomical or round, depending on how tuberous the breasts are and the specific characteristics of each client. Whatever the case, it is the surgeon who decides what is most suitable.


  • It improves the position and shape of breasts, including the gland and areoles.
  • It provides greater symmetry.
  • It noticeably improves the appearance of the cleavage.
  • The breast acquires a more natural shape and size, thus improving the woman’s self-esteem and quality of life.

Areas of application


Recommendations and care

  • A compressive bandage is applied after surgery then removed the following day, when it is replaced by an anatomical bra, which should be used for at least the first 2 weeks.
  • It is recommendable to wait 4-6 weeks before starting to lift weight or do physical exercise involving the breast.
  • It is recommendable to wait 10 days before driving again.


If I have breast implants, do I need to change them after a few years?

As long as there is no implant rupture, which is unlikely, they do not need to be changed.

After this surgery, is it still possible to undergo a breast scan?

Yes, there is no problem at all.

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